Sunday 26 August 2012

You aint got no engine mate

So this week, it was time to try a full Palace to Palace distance ride to see how my training programme is progressing.  I'm following the Carmichael Training Systems Time Crunched Cyclist training programme designed to get people up to a level of fitness to ride century endurance events.

My training so far has consisted of Interval Training through the week (short rides with combinations of  Fast Pedals, High Cadence Cycling, Heart Rate Zone Cycling designed as a Cardio programme and to increase lactate thresholds etc).

Then Friday, after work, a short endurance ride (1-2 hours), which is typically in the region of around 18 miles and Sunday a longer endurance ride usually (2-3 hours and in the region of 30 miles or so).

So today, I decided, being several weeks into the programme, measuring my progress regularly with fitness tests etc, that it was time to try to ride the full Palace to Palace distance.  Now to do this, I chose to ride the Trans Pennine Trail (one of my favourites) and ride out till I reach 23 miles then turn around and head back.

Equipped with 3 Lucozade sport drinks, and dressed to impress in my new cycling bib 3 quarter length tights, cycling jersey, a new pair of cycling gloves (no we couldn't find a left handed one - see my article the Sunday Cycle Ride) and new cycling socks (all bought for me by loving wife yesterday and now theres definitely no chance my son is ever coming cycling with me again) I headed out.

On the outbound trip, I found three separate families who practiced sacrificial rites with their children.  In each case, I would ride and move over to the left (cos we brits drive on the left, so I assumed on a path I would do the same),  only to find the parents push their children to left right in front of me and in one case the toddler must have been about two.  Now seeing a lycra clad behemoth descending on him at a great rate of notts, this kid is going to have nightmares for weeks to come.

Also on the way out, I met and cycled along with two couples who were riding the North to South section of the Trans Pennine Trail today and tomorrow (ending in Chesterfield tomorrow afternoon and camping on the way, what a great way to spend the bank holiday). Now their panniers were loaded down, however, they also knew where they were going so I tagged along for a while.

So I reached the 23 mile point in just under 2 hours, ate my prized banana and had a drink and started on the way back.  Now anyone who rides endurance rides will tell you that one thing you need to do is stock plenty of fuel (snacks, lunch etc and I didn't), and it got to lunch time and I realised I was hungry and had neglected to bring any other snacks.

But not to worry,  just to the south of Barnsley at the side of the trail, is a McDonalds so I decided a McChicken sandwich would set me up for the ride back home.  Now, as well as not remembering food, I also had neglected to pack my bike lock so decided to queue on the drive thru instead.  Now imagine the sight, a BMW, a Porsche, a lycra clad cyclist and a beat up old ford escort all queued for food.

The two cars in front ordered, and I then cycled up to the order point, and the guy said "Sorry Mate, can't serve you here".  "Why" was my short and polite reply, to which he then leaned out of the booth pointed down to my trusty steed and said "You ain't got no engine mate !".  Now, my trusty folder has been called many things, but it's never been refused service because I havent got an engine. I then pointed out that, if any of the cars in the queue were as old as the engine driving my bike, then it would be classed as vintage and would command greater respect. Also, I never realised that an internal combustion engine was a pre-requisite for a McDonalds Drive Thru, consider, my trusty steed is also a road going vehicle, so whats the problem?

Now, there was no way I was leaving my bike outside whilst I went in for my sandwich, cos the chances of it still being there when I came out were second to none.  So I then cycled up the road to a petrol station, and believe it or not, they served me a sandwich (from a place that's designed to put fuel in vehicles with engines) which then fuelled me up for the remainder of my ride.

Total time out was 4 hours 30 minutes (which included 5 minutes in the McDonalds queue and 10 minutes eating my sarny). A total of 45.68 miles, 2844 calories burned and an average cadence now in the 80's.  So today was another good ride.  Shame on you McDonalds for refusing my custom !

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