Saturday 25 August 2012

Father and Son Ride

So I finally got my son to come on a ride, even though I was wearing my gear (read the Sunday Cycle Ride) for details of how he tried to avoid a ride in the past.

He came home from University and decided to borrow my wifes new bike (I bought her a Dahon Espresso folding hybrid at the same time as I bought mine).  But, it was not as good an idea as it seemed at the start.

Firstly, for the wife to feel comfy,  she has a saddle that is so big, well not big,  it is WIDE.  Its like riding on a park bench, you expect to fall off at any point and for guys, well, lets just say its not too comfortable (if you get what I mean). She's not big (only a uk size 10) but she aint going to ride unless she can take the sofa with her.

So we get the griping out of the way and set off.  Less than a mile from home theres a long downhill section which I decided to sprint down.  The speedo touched 35 and I was gaining on a car in front when it stopped at some traffic lights and I rammed on.  Now wifey hasnt been out on her bike for a while, and being new the brake cables have stretched, or at least thats what I think James was saying as he tried to avoid hitting the back of the car.

So lights turn green, brakes get a quick adjustment, and we're off again.

Next few miles are great, I'm riding along at a reasonable rate and keeping check that James is keeping up.  After around half an hour we spot a young lady at the side of the road, her moped on its side and jumping up and down hysterically. So we pull in and ask her if she is ok.

She then explains that she had only bought the bike the day before, and when riding home an ant crawled onto her hand causing her to leap from the moped. She was doing some kind of rain dance which I guess she hoped would scare the ants away.  So being a yorkshireman and chivalry not being dead, we pick the moped up.  At this point we find the stand has been ripped off, the engine wont start and she is afraid of calling her motor biking partner but she relents and gives him a call.

We make sure she is ok wait for friend to come and collect her before setting off again.  I cant believe just how eventfull cycling can be.

So we ride for a while longer, down another steep hill but this time I go slower not wanting to see my son unable to stop again, I really need to make sure I take him home in one piece.

James informs me he knows of a short cut, and having stood around for half an hour with the ant dancer I decide to go for it. After ten minutes i don't have a clue where I am and then  we hit The Hill.

Hill climbing is great for fitness building, and my technique is to put myhead down and go for it, and this one was a monster.  When I reach the top I remember my cycling buddy who is 23 years my younger, huffing and puffing pushing his bike up the hill, I bet it sounded like a steam train under full load in yesteryear. On greater discussion he informs me its the seats fault.  I think its so big it must be just heavy.

Well, the rest of our ride is pretty uneventfull, although it may be a while before my son comes with me again.  Only 12 miles but a deep understanding of how Adam Ant learnt his dance moves.

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