Sunday 2 December 2012

Good bye 2012 and Challenge 2013

First of all may I please wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Your comments, emails and support have all been fantastic and very much appreciated.

The weather here in the UK is somewhat changeable.  Last week my route to work along the Thames was under water (the Thames burst its banks near Sonning and I was just glad the hotel car park wasn't under water).  So just planning to get out on the bike is a challenge.

The challenge for 2012 was to lose weight and get in shape.  3 stones lighter and much fitter than before, I have made huge strides in the right direction.  The Palace to Palace in October was a great idea, it set me a target and got me out training when the weather was bad.  The 45 miles was easy enough having trained hard, so it's time for me to start thinking about my challenges for next year.

My brother is keen to do the London to Brighton so I may try and fit that one in.  I have also entered the draw to try to get a place on the Ride 100, the thought of leading out on a 100 mile ride that later the same day will be followed by the professional teams would be something truly special. But with only 20,000 places and 75,000 entries I can only hope to get picked.  It seems to be a long time to wait until the draw on the 7th February.  Although as part of the registration I have chosen a charity to support, The children's trust which is a charity that supports kids with disabilities so is very close to my heart.

I have also decided to get out in January for a 100k ride with Audax who specialise in long endurance rides throughout Europe.  The 100k is the shortest I have seen that they do. This one is on January 6th and will hopefully flush out my system from mince pies, Christmas pud and all.

I also need to take my puppy back to Nottingham for one of the Evans Rideit events, but will hopefully do a longer distance with him on that as he should be up to it after 56 miles on the London to Brighton that he is keen to do.

So being an old boy, racing isn't going to be my thing.  The idea of endurance rides though really appeals.  Hitting the saddle again after 20+ years has been great and I'm really looking forward to some challenges in 2013 to keep my fitness up and improve it.

I also promise to keep up the comical accounts of my escapes into 2013 and the weather lets me get out again.  Last week though I watched a programme on tv where Bradley Wiggins was training on his trainer in the shed at the bottom of the garden.  So my shed awaits too, just wish it was double glazed and central heated.

So, if you read the blog and are a cyclist, please share with us your challenges for 2013. Although we all share the one to avoid getting lazy in the winter and eating one too many Christmas pies.

Again, seasons wishes to all, and I look forward to more cycling escapades hitting the blogosphere next year.

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